Check out these LGBTIQ history books for sale at select retailers or on loan at university libraries and State and local libraries.




The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, based in Melbourne, is the biggest repository of historical materials about LGBTIQ experience in Australia. The Archives was established in 1978 as a volunteer, community-based organisation. We love them!

Visit our friends at the Australian Lesbian Archives



The Bookshop Darlinghurst has been the most comprehensive source of books, magazines, calendars and DVDs for Sydney and Australia's LGBTI communities. Located at 207 Oxford Street, the bookshop has been a much loved space for the local and international LGBTIQ people.

Visit the The Bookshop Darlinghurst online



The Hunter Rainbow History Group was formed to record and collect the stories and experiences of LGBTIQ people in Newcastle and the Hunter, to preserve and illuminate the hidden histories of this vital and resilient community.

Hunter Rainbow History Group hopes to work with local history and LGBTIQ networks in the Hunter and is always seeking new volunteers and voices from the community to help with interviewing, logging, archiving, cataloguing, researching and organising. There Living Histories page shares oral histories and is hosted by the University of Newcastle.

Visit the Living Histories website


An exhibition on the role of volunteers in Sydney during the HIV and AIDs epidemic during the 1980s and 90s is available online. They project captured oral and digital histories and curated archival material much of which is now accessible through the online exhibition website entitled ‘A City Responds to Crisis’.

Visit the Online Exhibition here


Queer Reading Group Sydney meets on the third Thursday of the month at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown. The group will focus on short texts—covering everything from radical pamphlets and zines to articles and essays, which will almost always be available free online.

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55Upitty is a collaborative interview and photography that aims to challenge people’s ideas about older LGBTI women; it’s about our feisty over-55 upitty women.

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